01 June 2022

Recent Trends in Norwegian Hospitality Industry

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, the world’s economy faced big challenges due to many businesses closing. Private sectors such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants were closed, so the hospitality industry encountered economic difficulties. Even though the Covid-19 situation has a long-lasting effect, Norway was able to recover its economy and open up to new opportunities

Hybrid hospitality

When Covid-19 hit most of the companies closed their offices and shifted to hybrid or remote work mode. When everything reopened coworking places became popular and many companies started offering their employees to rest somewhere while still working. Hotels took the initiative as they have the resources to combine hotel rooms for rest and office places for productive work. They also provide a wide range of options to choose from, such as gyms, food, cozy rooms, cafes, and many more. Hybrid hospitality offers many benefits including 24/7 services, adaptable spaces, and opportunities to connect with other professionals.

Scarcity of workers

The hospitality industry is facing a “labor crisis” since during the pandemic a lot of workers were left without jobs and found new opportunities in other areas. Due to the overall pandemic and economic situation, hospitality places were recruiting fewer people to reduce the cost. This resulted in a decrease in customer satisfaction. According to ReviewPro, in 2021 there was around a 1,4% increase in negative comments regarding staff members and their services. Besides, many remote areas are lacking skilled workers and their current employees need to multitask.

Digital Marketplace

Presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn has become crucial for any hospitality place. A company can increase its brand awareness and target a wider audience if it will actively post and develop its social media. Things like benefits, job offers, accomplishments, future goals, and visuals can be some of the ideas that can be posted online. In the case of seasonal workers, who work in different environments and with various businesses, it is important to understand the ways that would motivate them to come back to the company. With the active usage of social media and emphasis on job opportunities as well as benefits, a company can attract potential candidates with a relatively-low commitment way.

Soprana Personell International is a leading hospitality recruitment company in Baltics. We help businesses with staff recruitment as well as campaigns. Soprana helps its clients by taking over all administrative tasks, insurances, taxes, and other legal processes. Our clients will be provided with answers to all HR related questions and some specific recommendations on employer branding. As for the workers, they will have an opportunity to work in an international environment with a professional team.

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