26 September 2022

6 wellness gifts that may surprise your employees

It is not a secret to anyone that nowadays it's more important than ever for employees to receive recognition for their hard work. Employee well-being is an essential component of any workplace culture because as we know “happy employee - the happy company”. As the world becomes more hectic and there are many external stressors that may potentially impact your worker’s well-being, rewarding them with some small gifts can be a solution. It would also serve as an act of kindness and appreciation, emphasising the emotional and physical well-being of your team. Wellness not only creates a happier, healthier, and more satisfied staff; it also improves retention and productivity. Employee wellness gifts are a fantastic way to show that you care about their health and well-being. However, it might be pretty hard to know what an employee would like and would actually use. That’s why we created a list of 6 wellness gifts that will make your workers happy.

1. Healthy Snack Box

Employees frequently don't have time for a good lunch or even an idea about what to grab for a fast snack during a hectic working day, so make their life simpler while also taking care of their health. On the other hand, if you have workers who are currently working remotely, you can send them a healthy snack box straight to their doors. Such gifts for remote employees are ideal for maintaining a sense of connection from a distance. Employees will feel supported and reassured that you are thinking about them.

2. Recognition points

A great way to make your employees feel better and more appreciated is to give them recognition points for the hard work they have done or performance targets achieved. These points could go to the company’s online human resources system where they could be exchanged for gift cards, different memberships or holiday packages. This would not only motivate the employees to work harder but also show that the management cares about them. Feeling great in the workplace is important and having something to work for is even better.

3. Netflix subscription

Employees should have a way to relax after work so that they are mentally rested before another workday and their mental health is stable. Providing a paid-for Netflix subscription to each employee would give them a chance to come back home, stretch out their legs and enjoy a good movie or TV show. We all have times in our lives when we just want to do nothing and with our family or friends enjoy some movie content. Employees will feel thankful that the company cares about their mental wellness and will not the pressure of paying themselves for the subscription.

4. Gym membership

It may be a great idea to offer your employees a free gym membership. People who exercise on a daily basis see considerable improvements in their mental health. Exercise naturally decreases stress levels, supporting greater mental wellness in the workplace. Employees are better able to face challenges and cope with office struggles, while companies benefit from increased motivation and productivity among their workers.

5. Free Lunch

Food makes everyone happier, especially if you share your healthy meal with your coworkers. Bproviding a lunch budget or a  food coupon you offer the company’s employees an opportunity to have a healthy lunch break or even try new cuisine. Besides, having lunch together with your coworkers may boost team morale and provide a chance to bond closer with other employees.

6. Self-care box 

Incorporating wellness care packages for workers is an excellent method to promote mental health in the workplace while also increasing employee retention. Aromatherapy candles, journals, nutritious food, eternal oils, and skin care products are common things included in employee care packages to encourage self-care and improve mental wellness.

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