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From customer support to sales people, digital marketing to IT specialists, we create seamlessly working virtual remote teams allowing your business to expand limitlessly. NordBaltic Solutions is lead by a Scandinavian-known strategist and expert Diana Blazaitiene, who is shifting the paradigm of remote virtual teams. She works exclusively with several private clients per year providing them a pure white-glove service so they can expand their business by feeling safe and free from daily operations. Diana is supported by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals and experts within various sectors of businesses.

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Diana Blazaitiene

My name is Diana Blazaitiene, and I’m the Nordics leading expert, HR strategist for creating and leveraging talented virtual remote teams. Since 2007, my team and I have practically established and nourished virtual teams for startups in IT, HR and tourism industries. Today, my team and I know what does it take to build a virtual team our clientelle is proud of in a remote working world when executed properly.
Together with entrepreneurs and CEOs from 6-7+ figure businesses in Scandinavia and EU, my team and I take care of your remote working teams from onboarding to daily operations so you can multiply your impact and business value.

My company, NordBaltic Solutions, represents brave, elite business owners and CEOs who foster their businesses in a disruptive hybrid working environment and desire to be leading pioneers in their industry.
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