04 November 2022

What Is a Hybrid Workplace and What Are its Benefits?

What Is a Hybrid Workplace? Hybrid work combines both remote employees working online and employees working from the office. In this type of workplace, the employees have the freedom to divide their work between office location and home and choose where and when they want to work. It’s still different than fully remote work where employees work fully remotely and there are no office locations or a need to show up to them. A hybrid workplace may mean employees working mostly remotely and attending the office a few times a week/month or working mostly from the office with some teams […]
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30 October 2022

4 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity At Work

What is Employee Satisfaction? Employee satisfaction is a term used in the Human Resources industry. It describes how satisfied employees are with their jobs, the organizations they work for, and their employee experience. Employee satisfaction is directly related to the success and health of a company. If employees are satisfied where they work that means they are happy. Companies have to not only give material benefits but also provide space for leadership, engagement, and recognize the employees. If this is not done, the workforce will be unproductively working without actually caring about the job. For employees to remain satisfied, companies […]
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18 October 2022

Dilemma of motivating remote workers: what can leaders do?

Despite 60% of remote workers preferring hybrid work arrangements to fully returning to the offices, the isolation that comes with the work-at-home model might eventually result in decreased motivation. As 40% of employees state they would consider switching jobs within the next three to six months, companies are changing their approach toward motivating them to stay.  However, when it comes to remote workers, the motivational means have gradually changed over time. For instance, financial benefits are no longer the driving force to stay in their jobs as people seek incentives that would fulfill their psychological needs, like mental health support.  Personal care and alternative benefit packages […]
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