04 November 2022

What Is a Hybrid Workplace and What Are its Benefits?

What Is a Hybrid Workplace?

Hybrid work combines both remote employees working online and employees working from the office. In this type of workplace, the employees have the freedom to divide their work between office location and home and choose where and when they want to work. It’s still different than fully remote work where employees work fully remotely and there are no office locations or a need to show up to them. A hybrid workplace may mean employees working mostly remotely and attending the office a few times a week/month or working mostly from the office with some teams working remotely.

The hybrid workplace was created to help people achieve a flexible work-life balance. It cares about the needs of the individuals and focuses on how to make employees productive and collaborative in the space they work. This model sets out to reduce employee stress, reduce commuting, improve employee well-being and make the workforce more productive.

There are 4 common types of hybrid work models. The first one - flexible hybrid work model - means that employees themselves fully choose whether they want to work from the office or online. It all depends on the priorities, needs, and wishes of the employee. The second model - fixed hybrid work model - is when the company sets the specific time and days when employees work remotely or from the office. An example would be working in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The third - office-first hybrid work model - means the priority is on-site work with the possibility to choose a few days to work online. The last - remote-first hybrid work model - means that employees work remotely and occasionally visit the office for training or team building.

Top Advantages of Hybrid Work

The possibility to work hybrid improves employee work-life balance. Working from the office may bring distractions and waste time through commuting. However, working fully remotely may isolate the employee and take away the feeling of belonging to a company. Many believe that hybrid work is essential for a work-life balance. It helps people to prioritize their personal goals and not overwork.

A hybrid workplace may increase the productivity of the employee. The employee may have a better focus when there are flexible hours and he or she can choose the environment they want to work in. With flexibility, employees can choose the best way they want to work without overburning, choose how to execute work tasks, and take ownership of time and workload.

With the adoption of digital communication tools in a hybrid workplace, the company restructures the way teams communicate. Employees can talk with their managers, colleagues and work with teams from wherever they want to. Collaboration software provides a lot of space for adaptability and gives the chance to both text and executive video meetings. The company can choose the tool which fits the best, from smoothly chatting in teams to efficiently keeping track of tasks during online meetings.

NordBaltic Solutions For Your Hybrid or Remote Team

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