Our Purpose To You

To build engaged and efficient virtual teams anchored to your business essence.

Our Promise To You

To support growing businesses across Scandinavian and EU countries.

Our People For You

We are creative, strategic thinkers across a variety of professions, and we are passionate in what we do. We are invaluable experts, working with partners in Scandinavian and EU markets for more than 15 years. We understand and comprehend the culture of your business.

Ways of

working with us

Talent headhunting and recruitment (done with you)
It is a white-glove service lead by Diana herself for growing startups and businesses that desire attract and sustain gifted talents within IT and hospitality sectors in Scandinavia and EU.
As amplified value for you, we can source talents speaking your native language whom you can onboard with ease 100% fitting your company culture.
We take full responsibility and guarantee to headhunt needed talents for your company within 1-2 months.
Building your virtual team (done for you)
Private consultancy partner moving you from no-remote team to virtual team you are proud of. We guarantee a full, elegant set-up, team onboarding, team connection to your business purpose and smooth daily operations 365 days/year without your daily engagement.
We will wake up before you and breathe ahead of you.
When we work privately with you we are your eyes and ears of your remote team helping to spot and mitigate early signals.
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“We are happy to have chosen NordBaltic Solutions services because after the end of the project we managed to make useful and reliable relationship with our new clients in Norway”.
Mangirdas Aguĉiauskas, Lithuania
How you can step into your bravery and decide to proudly own a virtual team helping to achieve the most audations business goals?
I wish to have a talented team member who can take off my daily routine tasks, but I can't afford it
Stop thinking out of your bias. You don't need to hire the entire team when you need only 1.
I have no time to recruit and onboard right team members.
Good news. Your engagement is needed for 2 hours only, we will take care of the rest.
I am not sure if this fits my company.
The market doesn't ask if you are ready to grow/adapt. The CEO of Facebook stated that he expects 50% of their workforce to be working remotely by 2030.
We invite your business could grow with the remote team?
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From disconnected remote teams, to engaged and efficient virtual team,
anchored to your business purpose.
Diana Blazaitiene
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