30 May 2022

Here are our top 5 reasons why to consider Norway as your next career step

Known for its magical skies, magnificent fjords, and welcoming people Norway remains a popular tourist destination, but jobs opportunities there are much more diverse. According to the data from “Statista” Norway has one of the lowest unemployment rates, which scores only 3,5%. Not to forget that Norway is ranked 3 as a country with a high amount of happy people.

High Quality of Life

Due to its rich economy, Norway is a country known for its high living standards. Even though Norway has a relatively high cost of living, people still maintain to have a healthy work-life balance. The minimum wage is not designed in Norway, since every employer has a right to decide how much he is willing to pay. Norway's employment rate is 74,4 percent, which is significantly higher compared to other European countries. A regular week consists of 7,5 hour days, on the weekends Norwegians tend to spend their free time outdoors with their loved ones. The secret of high living standards in Norway is simply a balance between work, outdoors activities, and a relaxed attitude towards life.

Captivating Sights

Norway offers jobs in modern innovative cities surrounded by mountains, as well as magnificent remote areas where you can work and enjoy nature at the same time. Those who enjoy a busy lifestyle should consider the vibrant and contemporary city of Oslo, with equipped co-working places, entrainment facilities, and shopping malls. People who prefer a calm and relaxing atmosphere should consider working in smaller cities which have spa centers, recreation facilities, restaurants and much more.

Social Security and Benefits

If you obtain a job in Norway and start paying taxes, social security will be provided and you will automatically be involved in the National insurance scheme. Each person can get a D-number or a social security number. In addition to this everyone can get benefits which include: healthcare services, sickness and disability benefits, retirement pension, family and pregnancy benefits. If a person loses his job he has a right to get unemployment payments. When there is a case of temporary layoff you do not need to work and your employer doesn't have to pay the wages. Due to the Norwegian leading economy, there are many more benefits that can be offered to everyone.

High demand for workers

As Norway’s GDP has been growing for over a decade and the job market expanding, Norway has a great variety of job opportunities in all sectors. Health, construction, and IT sectors are still in high demand, however after Norway eased its Covid-19 restrictions, the hospitality sector, which was stagnant for more than a year is finally opening up. “Hotels, restaurants and spa resorts are currently searching for chefs, bartenders, receptionists, and other hospitality staff”, says Arunas, Business Development Lead, at Soprana Personnel International. Due to the lack of qualified hospitality workers and the increasing number of foreigners that are coming to Norway, there is a high demand for skilled personnel.

Flat structure and inspiring working environment

Coming to Norway might be an adventure of a lifetime and a well-developed working environment would make it even better. Norwegian working environment has a flat structure, meaning that you will be on the same level as the managers. Trust, punctuality, and honesty are highly valued by Norwegians both at work and in daily life. ‘Frihet under ansvar’ is an unwritten rule which emphasizes the responsibility of an employee. Norway, being an egalitarian society aims to treat everyone with the same amount of respect.

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