16 June 2022

Remote Project Management: Benefits and Creation of a Successful Remote Team

Not long ago project management included people working in a physical environment. However, now when remote work is the new normal, everything has to be successfully managed online. This is a challenge since the remote team consists of people working in different locations and using different tools so project managers have to make sure that good collaboration and productivity remain.
There are many benefits of having remote project management. The numerous remote project management tools which help teams have productive work and project managers to monitor the work without interrupting. Planning tools give teams detailed descriptions of the work, it can be managed easier so all of this empowers teams leading to better productivity.

Having a remote project team means that you will save money without the office space and utilities. The money then can be allotted to salaries and growing the business. The employees also save money since they do not have to commute anymore.
Working in a remote project team means that there will be a better work-life balance for the employees. It will lead to happier workers which will essentially boost productivity and the management will be able to recruit people easier.
Also, reporting on performance and progress is one of the traits of remote project management. Collaborating remotely builds stronger relations, and decision making is improved by reporting.

There are some steps that can be taken to build the process of remote project management from the basics.
It would be smart to start by figuring out what kind of working structure the team will have, either fully remote or hybrid. Along with that, the members of the starting team should become acquainted with the objectives and goals of the project. It would be useful to have a call or online meeting with each person to explain their roles more precisely and the details of the project.

Secondly, it is important to hire the people with the right skills. Remote work requires motivation and proactivity since the project manager cannot babysit everyone remotely. Starting with a dedicated and strong team will give a good headstart and a strong foundation for the remaining project.
Let’s not forget the significance of frequent communication. Remote work means that it is not possible to just chat with the person sitting next to you. Project managers have to use techniques such as virtual meetings, instant messaging or regular phone calls. Keeping in touch with the employees will give an opportunity to provide feedback and make some changes as well as increase the motivation of the team to continue successfully working.

To make sure that employees don’t slack on their work, project managers have to keep them accountable. This is done by giving roles and responsibilities to each member of the team and establishing deadlines for tasks to be completed. A good idea also is to create a communication channel on an app and monitor how everyone is working and what are the tasks for the week or day.

As a final point, project visibility has to be maintained by using project management software that will create an easily accessible and central location which will be visible to the entire team and which everyone can access. Shared spaces are important for the success of the project because they improve collaboration, visibility and communication and multiple teams can access different documents and information. Seeing results and the whole process will further motivate both the employees and project managers to continue working and meeting deadlines.

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