20 July 2022

The secret benefits of one-on-one meetings that will make your company better today

It is no news that for the company and its employees to be successful, there is a need for human communication. A one-on-one meeting which is a regular meeting between two people - an employee and its manager is used for feedback, solving any issues and further improvement in the company. Such meetings are essential to the employee’s development. They create a trusting relationship between a manager and the employee without focusing on the differences between status. During the one-on-one meeting, the employee can ask any questions that bother him or her, have a clear vision of what needs to be done next while the manager will better understand the employee which will result in a more productive and successful working environment in the whole organization. Moving forward, here are the top 5 benefits of one-on-one meetings and the reasons you should try them out.

The first benefit which up to now has probably already become obvious is that a one-on-one meeting strengthens the relationship between a leader and the employee. Very often an employee fears the manager and thinks that he or she is the worst part of the job. More regular productive communication which involves emotional engagement and honest care could change this idea. Both employee and manager will help each other improve in their job, solve any problems and just have a good time talking like friends. A gap between the management and regular employees should not become a reason that one looks down on another.

The second benefit of the meeting is that it delivers valuable, personalized feedback for the employee. A one-on-one meeting gives enough attention and time to dive into the performance of one specific employee. It doesn’t include only the problems, but also is focused on what achievements the employee has reached and what is the vision of future work. The manager looks at the details, gives thought through advice and the employee may continue working better.

In addition, a one-on-one meeting may help review if the performance of the employee aligns with the goals and objectives of the organization. The manager can carefully look over what the employee has done and if their work fits the business priorities. A performance management system is a must in a successful company. Doing it through a personalized meeting on a bigger scale may make the employee community more aligned with the company and conscious of what needs to be done to succeed.
Let’s not forget that a one-on-one meeting improves team loyalty since employees start trusting the leader which is very important. When a manager meets with an employee personally many times, it builds a foundation for following and supporting the decisions of the leader. An employee’s trust means that the company’s management has a whole supportive community behind which together will achieve the organization’s goals.

For the last one, a one-on-one meeting helps the managers pick out and ask the right questions which eventually help boost employee’s productivity. The manager can figure out what tasks or activities need more attention or what work can be done for the employee to grow in his or her position and overall career. The overview gives the employee a clear path to growth which essentially means higher productivity. Every person working in any company wants to learn how they can develop and do more, become better at what they do. On the other hand, the manager learns how to evaluate the employee the best and make sure they can perform at their best.

One-on-one meetings bring forward a way to improve human communication in the company. They also boost both the work of the employees and relationships between them and the management. I’d recommend trying them out and seeing if the positive changes appear in the company just by adding a small new detail to the daily routine.

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