26 September 2022

5 ways to improve internal communication in the company

Internal communication is strategically a very important part of the company because it directly leads to better communication with shareholders, more engaged employees, stronger teams and increases the competitiveness of the company. Internal communication is the cornerstone for increased productivity in the workspace, better working environment and more teamwork with less conflict. Many business do not pay enough attention to it and have to deal with hardships when communication is lacking and bad business decisions are made. Internal communication should be as important as increasing sales in a company because the success will depend on both. In this article, we will try to look at some of the ways that internal communication can be improved in the company leading to better results and more efficient work environment overall.

Encourage open dialogue
Communication in a company cannot be only one-way. It has to flow both ways. The managers not only give feedback to the employees, but also teach the employees themselves to give feedback about anything that happens. It is important to have a trustworthy and open culture because then no one will be afraid of sharing information, asking questions and giving comments. Managers as part of their communication should also keep employees up-to-date with any company changes or plans. The people will feel needed when they can be included in the discussion regarding the company’s work.

Review the current internal communication plan
A good start to improving internal communication is taking look at the current situation and understanding what are the roots of any problems. For the start, it is good to look at which communication channels the company uses and how many of them. There are many methods to communicate such as video conferencing platforms and team chats. Each have their own pros and cons so it is important to evaluate the current internal communication tools to find the most effective. It’s also smart to play around different communication methods in the company such as videos, interviews, podcasts.

Host weekly playful meetings
A great way to easen up any tensions in the company and bring people closer is to hold one evening of talks, food and games in the office. It may be considered as a team building event and could seem not serious. However, such evenins can be one of the best ways to improve internal communication because the employees and managers relax, open up from their working mindset and just talk with each other. People can create better friendships, connect with colleagues outside of work and be overall more motivated to continue working. It’s all about feeling the comfort and releasing the tension regarding communication. When all employees know that they can talk with everyone and share what they feel, the company’s internal communication becomes a lot more efficient.

Clearly communicate the mission and vision
Managers of the company should take some time to explain the mission and vision that the company believes in and follows. This may help improve the productivity of the work place since employees will have set goals that they know have to be achieved. Being on the same page as the management and other employees mean that everyone will have more coherent communication. Mutual goals, one mission and vision that each employee will often hear will make internal communication easier and will allow for everyone to constanty share ideas, thoughts and ask any questions. When everyone is on the same page and knows what has to be done, communication flows and there is no disturbances.

Improve employee and manager relationships
For a business to be successful, managers and employees have to work together. However, they mostly don’t engage with each other and stay with short interactions that don’t allow to know each others better. Internal communication then cannot be smooth and efficient if there is a communication gap and it goes top-down, meaning that managers give instructions and employees listen. There is a need for more collaboration between the employees and managers on a daily basis. It is crucial for people in the company to feel free and be open to communicate without anything in the way. When managers and employees will talk with and understand each other, then the whole communication in the work culture will also improve. Top-down approach communication will slowly subside and will be replaced by open and two way communication.

There are multiple ways you can look at internal communication to improve it. The ones we mentioned in this article are only a few, but very important. These are the basics that have to be followed and reviewed for internal communication to be successful and the employees to understand each other better. You will not regret paying attention to internal communication because without proper communication productive work cannot be achieved.

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